Adventures in Erathac

Session 7

Madness at Gardmore Abbey Pt. 2

Facing a small band of orcs and their dire wolf mounts, the party leaped into action. An orc priest rained down spears from the balcony as the group took out the enemy one by one. Finally, Hundred Eyes and Kallista jumped and climbed their way to the balcony to dispatch the one-eyed priest. Realizing that through a hole in the ceiling they had been observed, they fled, giving a hasty explanation to the ettin guard.

The party decided to continue the search for Analastra, the missing eladrin, within the Feygrove. As they moved along the path they heard a scream coming from the way of an old bell tower. There, they found an eladrin pursued by two displacer beasts. After a tough battle, they healed the woman to find she was indeed Analastra. They quickly made their way back to the Font of Montil to reunite her with her brother, Berrian and her father, blank. After some words of advice about the orcs, the eladrin marched off, headed back to their home plane.

Deciding to heed Berrian’s advice and talk to Lord Padraig, the party left the abbey to continue their journey to Winterhurst. Once arrived, they made their way to the Wrafton Inn, where none other than Lord Padraig was conversing with an older man who they would learn to be named Varthrun. After introductions were made, a plan was formed to infiltrate the village in order to explore the old wizard’s tower and hopefully find the Winterbole Codex, a book that may have more information with which to use against the entrenched orcs.

The party returned to the abbey, by cover of night and climbed a northern wall. They found that the north part of the village was much less populated especially near what looked like a ruined garrison. Sneaking their way through the village, they approached the tower and discovered it covered in a layer of frost. Once inside, they discovered a body covered by a bloody sheet on top of a half-destroyed obelisk. When they attacked it, the two gargoyles guarding the entrance came to life, and the room began to explode with wild magic. The sheet was removed, revealing a horrible amalgamation of bodies stitched together. The group was able to destroy the thing and gargoyles and made their way up the tower.

On the second floor was an old insane wizard, covered in ice and frost. Four tables, with the mummified remains of four humans surrounded the center of the room. Along the walls were various specimens, frozen in large ice blocks. One, that the wizard called a demon, seemed to be dropping a card. With some creativity, Skhiar retrieved the card and found that it matched the four he already had. They asked about the Codex, and the wizard gave it willingly, but when they tried to leave, he constructed a wall of water at the stairs, telling them they would stay with him forever. The mummies came to life, but soon retreated to the corner when Torinn turned them. This led to a four vs one fight against the wizard, which allowed the party to prevail. With the killing blow to the wizard he called out, “Elaida…” The group then brought their attention to taking out the mummies. Skhiar, wanting to finish the job quickly, called out Babu, the semi-tame cockatrice. Unfortunately, one of the last mummies managed to break the neck of the poor monster, thus ending his time on Erathac. Sadly gathering the Winterbole Codex, the group fled the tower and made their way back Winterhurst and Lord Padraig.

What mysteries does the Winterbole Codex hold? Will the party be able to rid the abbey of an army of orcs? Will Skhiar ever find another monster pet? Find out next time on…

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