Adventures in Erathac

One-shot 1

Death House

A new group of adventurers got lost in the mists that brought them to a strange new land. After finding a village and some ghost children, they investigated a haunted house. The house was mostly empty besides some ghosts, no big deal. The dungeon underneath wasn’t too bad, till a spike trap nearly killed the rogue. They found a strange cult that wanted them to make a sacrifice. The party said, “Screw that,” and so instead had to fight a monster. They nearly killed it when the cleric decided to recharge it, since the fight wasn’t hard enough for her. After defeating it, they made their way back the way they came to find that the house had turned on them. The windows were bricked up, the walls full of rats, the doors, trapped, and rooms full of smoke. Everyone died, and their spirits are stuck in Barovia for eternity.



ajsalokar ajsalokar

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