Adventures in Erathac

One-shot 1
Death House

A new group of adventurers got lost in the mists that brought them to a strange new land. After finding a village and some ghost children, they investigated a haunted house. The house was mostly empty besides some ghosts, no big deal. The dungeon underneath wasn’t too bad, till a spike trap nearly killed the rogue. They found a strange cult that wanted them to make a sacrifice. The party said, “Screw that,” and so instead had to fight a monster. They nearly killed it when the cleric decided to recharge it, since the fight wasn’t hard enough for her. After defeating it, they made their way back the way they came to find that the house had turned on them. The windows were bricked up, the walls full of rats, the doors, trapped, and rooms full of smoke. Everyone died, and their spirits are stuck in Barovia for eternity.


Session 7
Madness at Gardmore Abbey Pt. 2

Facing a small band of orcs and their dire wolf mounts, the party leaped into action. An orc priest rained down spears from the balcony as the group took out the enemy one by one. Finally, Hundred Eyes and Kallista jumped and climbed their way to the balcony to dispatch the one-eyed priest. Realizing that through a hole in the ceiling they had been observed, they fled, giving a hasty explanation to the ettin guard.

The party decided to continue the search for Analastra, the missing eladrin, within the Feygrove. As they moved along the path they heard a scream coming from the way of an old bell tower. There, they found an eladrin pursued by two displacer beasts. After a tough battle, they healed the woman to find she was indeed Analastra. They quickly made their way back to the Font of Montil to reunite her with her brother, Berrian and her father, blank. After some words of advice about the orcs, the eladrin marched off, headed back to their home plane.

Deciding to heed Berrian’s advice and talk to Lord Padraig, the party left the abbey to continue their journey to Winterhurst. Once arrived, they made their way to the Wrafton Inn, where none other than Lord Padraig was conversing with an older man who they would learn to be named Varthrun. After introductions were made, a plan was formed to infiltrate the village in order to explore the old wizard’s tower and hopefully find the Winterbole Codex, a book that may have more information with which to use against the entrenched orcs.

The party returned to the abbey, by cover of night and climbed a northern wall. They found that the north part of the village was much less populated especially near what looked like a ruined garrison. Sneaking their way through the village, they approached the tower and discovered it covered in a layer of frost. Once inside, they discovered a body covered by a bloody sheet on top of a half-destroyed obelisk. When they attacked it, the two gargoyles guarding the entrance came to life, and the room began to explode with wild magic. The sheet was removed, revealing a horrible amalgamation of bodies stitched together. The group was able to destroy the thing and gargoyles and made their way up the tower.

On the second floor was an old insane wizard, covered in ice and frost. Four tables, with the mummified remains of four humans surrounded the center of the room. Along the walls were various specimens, frozen in large ice blocks. One, that the wizard called a demon, seemed to be dropping a card. With some creativity, Skhiar retrieved the card and found that it matched the four he already had. They asked about the Codex, and the wizard gave it willingly, but when they tried to leave, he constructed a wall of water at the stairs, telling them they would stay with him forever. The mummies came to life, but soon retreated to the corner when Torinn turned them. This led to a four vs one fight against the wizard, which allowed the party to prevail. With the killing blow to the wizard he called out, “Elaida…” The group then brought their attention to taking out the mummies. Skhiar, wanting to finish the job quickly, called out Babu, the semi-tame cockatrice. Unfortunately, one of the last mummies managed to break the neck of the poor monster, thus ending his time on Erathac. Sadly gathering the Winterbole Codex, the group fled the tower and made their way back Winterhurst and Lord Padraig.

What mysteries does the Winterbole Codex hold? Will the party be able to rid the abbey of an army of orcs? Will Skhiar ever find another monster pet? Find out next time on…

Dungeons & Dragons!

Session 6
Madness at Gardmore Abbey Pt. 1

After the job in Mosswood Forest at Castle Cardinal, the team spent a few days recuperating in Arle’s Crossing. A messenger came with a letter addressed to Torinn from Lady Mae. The letter was a request to aid a colleague of Mae’s, Lord Ernest Padraig of Winterhurst. The route between the city of Suzail and the town of Winterhurst, the Red Road, was being continually harassed by orcs and mercenaries. This caught the attention of both Torinn and Hundred Eyes, and they made plans to leave for Winterhurst immediately. Shkiar begrudgingly went along, knowing that the town was in the direction that the card collected from Lazaren was pulling him. Kallista knew that where there were raiders, there was loot, and so was eager to go as well. The party stopped in Suzail to gather supplies, including a wagon, a driver, and two bodyguards, and sell their growing collection of gems and art pieces.

Setting forth on the Red Road, the group found no signs of raiders, orcish or otherwise. However, upon coming to one of the many branching dirt roads, Skhiar felt the card pull north. Their gnomish driver warned that the path north led to Gardmore Abbey, a once proud monastary to Baatemos, that now lay in ruins and inhabited by orcs. The party decided to investigate. A ways down the road, a large hill with a sheer cliff face on the western side appeared on the horizon. As they approached, they could see that this was in fact Gardmore Abbey, and that not only did it include the abbey’s buildings, but a village as well, surrounded by a wall on side not protected by the cliff. They found a southern part of the wall destroyed by some siege engine ages ago. Ahead of them was a lush, dense forest, and on their left was a 50 foot tower. Feeling a great menace from the tower, the party chose to search it first.

From the outside, the tower seemed to be in pristine condition. However, once inside, the party found themselves transported to some terrible existence that seemed to defy physics and sanity… the Far Realm! Fighting black oozes, giant living cards, and the bending of reality itself, the group at last confronted a foul creature, both guardian and prisoner of the tower. A fearsome beholder floated before them, surrounded by inhuman masses of flesh. It requested from the party its freedom, and with some cautious proceedings, Skhiar added his card to three belonging to the abomination. The Far Realm appeared to melt away from the walls of the tower, the creatures surrounding them, regaining their original knightly human and eladrin forms, and the beholder floating away, stating that for his freedom, he would allow them to live…this time.

The four knights, clearly mad with the time spent in the Far Realm, babbled and cried, the eladrin of the four asking to be taken to “the fountain.” The party, having their own psychological problems, figured that finding said fountain may be beneficial for all. Leaving the tower and traversing into the forest, by guidance of the insane eladrin, the group found a clearing with a large fountain surrounded by a mosaic and several more eladrin knights. The leader, Berrian Velfarren, was the son of the eladrin from the tower, and had them all drink from the Font of Montil, restoring everyone of their ailments. However, in searching for their long lost father, Berrian’s sister, Analastra, had become lost as well. Once well rested, the group set out to see if they could find her.

They first came upon a clearing containing a small cottage. They ended up provoking two aggressive owlbears, which they had to put down. Inside the cottage they found a journal belonging to one Siravus Ardonelle, a former groundskeeper for the abbey, that Berrian may have interest in. Continuing on, they found what appeared to be an overgrown gardens area, covered in webbing behind a keep of some sort. Bodies of dead giant spiders and phase spiders littered the ground. Exploring around to the other side of the keep, they found an ettin sitting in front of the door, one head asleep, and the other, asking for booze. Tricking the giant oaf, the party found themselves inside the keep. Trashed, looted, and covered in filth and graffiti, the group faced a group of orcs and their dire wolf pets.

Just how many orcs are in this abbey? Will the party find Analastra? Will they ever make it to Winterhurst? Find out next time on…

Dungeons & Dragons!

Session 5
The Evil of Castle Cardinal - Part 2

After a night’s rest in the chapel of Castle Cardinal, our heroes ventured back into the dungeon. Hearing footsteps approaching from the end of the long hall, they jumped into the first room by the stairs, only to discover two orcs once again guarding the room. Quickly dispatching them, they waited for the two coming down the hall to ambush. Disposing of the threat the party continued its search of the dungeon.

Another door, and an attempt by Kallista to spy inside, revealed a tall, blue man with what appeared to be ram horns sticking out of his head. With him was a half naked woman who seemed to be enthralled. Hanging from the ceiling in chains, was two more women, one of which was a gnome. In a cell in the corner, was a boy, passed out on the floor. The villain, Lazaren, noticing the impeding sneak attack, turned to the group and offered for them to leave or become his next playthings. The party decided to attack instead. A fierce battle commenced, knocking Torinn out. The group proved to be more than a match for Lazaren, causing him to cast a spell in retreat and vanish in a puff of blue smoke, leaving behind what appeared to be a playing card with the picture of a wizened old man and the word VIZIER.

With Lazaren defeated, the charm on the woman faded. She revealed herself to be Lady Elsimer, one of the mercenaries they were looking for. The women hanging from the ceiling were her compatriots. She healed up the party as well as the boy in the cell, who they found was Luke, Old Lady Firehair’s grandson. They returned to the chapel with the prisoners and set forth again into the dungeon.

Two room remained in the hallway before the stairs leading further down. One was a dormitory, holding three napping orcs. Kallista and Hundred Eyes made quick work of them. Finally, a small store room was guarded by two more orcs, which once again proved no difficulty. The group descended the stairs to find a large room with a wall of ice from one end to the other. Two holes, the size of which matched the ice block with the rune, were the only features of the wall. It was clear that they were missing a piece.

The only place left to explore was the tower. Knocking down the door, they discovered the room to be unnaturally cold. They climbed the ladder and found the next room to be even colder, with stalactites of ice hanging from the ceiling. An attempt to climb to the next floor proved dangerous as the cold began to bite at their skin. On the third floor were several frozen bodies, most of which were orcs, but three of which were more missing mercenaries.
Mustering themselves, they climbed to the fourth floor to find a circle of runes and a pedestal holding a crystal-like object. This must have been the missing piece! Skhiar mage handed the crystal away and the party made fast their way back to the ice wall.

Inserting both pieces, the wall began to melt, revealing the room to be even larger. A chasm filled with some black liquid split the room. On the other side was a man working at a desk, flanked by two orcs. Chained to the wall was a weakened looking man, who signaled to the party to attack. And attack they did. Hundred Eyes flew over the chasm with ease, dispatching an orc. Kallista and Torinn took aim, shooting at the man. Skhiar began to blast him with his eldritch might. Casting his own spells at the party, the mage fought back. But his magical might was not enough to fight off the party. As he died, he called out to Levistus, but no answer came.

The man in chains was none other than Aaron Black, leader of the mercenaries. The party returned him to his colleague at the chapel, and they and the survivors all made their way back to Arle’s Crossing. Willem Stormwaters was thrilled to have even some of his compatriots back, and gladly paid the party what he had promised. It was now time to rest.

What lies next in the path of our adventurers? Why does the card marked VIZIER seem to pull to the West? Will Andrew ever get to kill Babu? Find out next time on…


Session 4
The Evil of Castle Cardinal - Part 1

Our adventurers woke up after another stay at the Lizardfolk village. A quick search for Lady Mae showed that she had left in the middle of the night. Danielle, the drow treasure hunter, had also slipped away with two rubies. Without having any more reason to stay in the Mistmere, the party finally headed back to Arle’s Crossing.

Reaching the village uneventfully, the party split to gather supplies while Hundred Eyes headed to the Stepwright Inn for a drink. There, he encountered Willem Stormwaters, the leader of a mercenary company with a problem that needed solving. Lately, orcs had been attacking travelers and caravans going through the Mosswood Forest to Suzail. His company had been using Castle Cardinal as a staging ground to fight back. But Stormwaters hadn’t heard from them in over a month. He requested that the party find his employees, or at least what had happened to them. They could be identified by a brass coin etched with his symbol.

The group stayed overnight and found a coach waiting for them in front of the inn to take them to the castle. The trip was met with no difficulty until they came to the castle itself. Their coach was stopped by a sudden growth of vines in the road. Slowly, out of the dense foliage, came some new monstrosities made out of the forest itself. Some were made out of brambles, while others out of thick vines. A tough fight ensued, but as always, the heroes were victorious. Finally, approaching the castle, they found the entrance barricaded by several survivors. These included Gustav Hendelhoff, a trader from Arle’s Crossing who had lost a few men to the orcs, Master Ozrick and Methelda, an alchemist and his apprentice from Suzail, and Old Lady Firehair, an older woman who’s grandson had disappeared. The survivors told the party that the dead walked the castle grounds at night.

Surveying the modest castle, the group found two areas worth investigating. The one remaining of four towers and the keep. They headed into the keep, finding nothing of note on the first or second floor. The rooms were all ransacked. The dungeon, however, would prove to be most interesting.

Finding a long hallway with several doors, the group began their investigation. The first room was merely a supply room, guarded by two pale blue orcs. The creatures were dispatched quite handily. The next room appeared to be a jail of some sort, but as soon as they opened the door, the party heard a strange muttering. A horrible creature, made of many eyes and mouths attacked them. The strange gibberish seemed to drive Hundred Eyes momentarily crazy as he swung an elbow at Torinn. Skhiar called forth Babu to aid them, and the cockatrice was almost eaten in one bite. After a difficult fight, the party subdued and killed the monster and found a single brass coin in its lair. What did this mean? Could it be one of the mercenaries was killed here?

Next was a room that appeared to be a former armory, most likely ransacked and looted by the orcs. However, a small lectern holding a book proved to be too tempting for Skhiar to resist. Picking it up unleashed a Glyph of Warding that exploded in an icy cold blast, leaving the party none to pleased with the power-hungry warlock.

The next room, was large and filled with dirt and grass with a large tree in the center from which hung a scarecrow with arms outstretched. Seven alcoves lined the walls, each holding a particular farming apparatus. It took some time, but our clever heroes managed to solve the puzzle, by simulating a season of farming. A panel in the back corner, etched with Zontul’s holy symbol, gave way to reveal a block of ice holding some type of eldritch rune. The party bagged the block, hoping it would come in handy later.

Next, the party found a bedchamber that held a desk with many books on travel between planes, the history of Erathac, tomes on how to summon and bind extraplanar beings. Investigating these books led the party to discover that a planar eruption had occurred beneath the castle and that someone was attempting to merge the region with Stygia, one of the nine layers of Baator. The plot, so it seemed, had thickened.

Continuing down the corridor, the group found a mess hall and a lone orc, stuffing his face. In a somewhat successful sneak attack, they managed to subdue the orc and attempted to interrogate him. But he was stubborn, and gave nothing away. The monk happily dispatched of the creature, and the party decided it was better to rest up before continuing. They headedback to the chapel where the survivors were barricaded. But questions remained unanswered. Why were these orcs all colored so differently? Why were the survivors all drawn to the castle? Who was mad enough to try and merge the world with hell itself? Find out next time on…

Dungeons & Dragons!

Session 3
The Temple of Sethis

Our adventurers found before them a skirmish between the denizens of the swamp. On their left, the bullywugs, frog-men that Hundred Eyes had heard were making raids on travelers and caravans coming to and from Arle’s Crossing. On their right, the mysterious lizardfolk. Making a quick decision, the party attacked the bullywugs and their giant frog. With the help of the party, the lizardfolk quickly dispatched of the frog-men… and then promptly ran away.

Unsure of what to make of the retreat the party pressed on, dreaming of the warm beds that awaited them in town. Suddenly, a mass of vines lashed out at the monk. Deftly dodging the attack, Hundred Eyes found himself entering battle with some kind of large plant creature. The party surrounded this “swamp thing” and rained blows down upon it. The creature managed to grab Kaillista with both of its viney arms and squeeze the life out of her. Fortunately, Torinn was able to stabalize her. Skhiar unleashed his new ally, Babu the cockatrice, on the monster, and he promptly turned it to stone.

A voice from within the trees congratulated the party on dispatching the creature. It was a lizardfolk who had come to escort the group to someone called “Mae.” Suspicious and guarded, the party followed and soon found themselves in a primitive village belonging to the lizardfolk. On a stone dais at the center of the village, they found a human woman that introduced herself as Mae. She informed them that the problem of the bullywugs stemmed from an even greater threat. A black dragon named Verlym. To help rid the swamp and surrounding territory of this menace, she offered a quest. A relic from a nearby temple to Baatemos had been stolen by a local cult of Sethis. This relic could aid in the destruction of Verlym. Fortunately, the temple was only in another part of the Mistmere Swamp. The party agreed to venture forth to the temple after a night of rest.

In the middle of the night, Kallista heard a voice in her dreams. “Kallista…I see you…” Not sure what to make of it, she kept the event to herself.

With a map and guide, the party trekked to the temple. Arriving, they found a large cave opening that had been carved into the image of a large snake head with jaw wide open. Stairs led downward, to a large room full of kobolds skirmishing and training. They were easily dispatched. The party found a tapestry hiding an entrance to another room, and Kallista found a lever nearby. Torinn pulled the lever, waiting for the worst, but nothing happened, except for a hissing sound from the next room. When they parted the tapestry they found a room with ankle deep water and two large snakes coming their way. Once again, the party overcame the threat, only to find two more snakes, smaller but on fire! As the party attacked, they found these fire snakes to be resistant to their weapons but not to magic. The rogue, having no magic herself, disengaged from the fight, deeper into the room. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a large, dark shape moving from a deeper pool of water. Out came a crocodile, attempting to eat the thief. Kallista found herself perfectly capable of besting the croc, and soon it and the fire snakes were defeated.

Clap, clap, clap, clap. Another humanoid stepped out of the shadows. A drow, applauded their efforts, and introduced herself as Danielle, a humble treasure hunter. The party was fairly suspicious, but when she pointed out two rubies that they had missed in the very room they stood, they allowed her to join them, on condition that she take point.

Crossing through the stone doors, they found a partially submerged room with two cloaked women standing about. Danielle called out, and began shooting at something in the dark corner. Slithering out of the darkness was a humanoid with the body of a man but from the waist down, the tail of a snake. He traded arrows for bolts with the drow, as the rest of the party focused on the cultists. After killing the cultists and snake-creature, the party searched for any clue as to the location of the relic, or at least some treasure. Finding a sunken chest and pulling it to the surface, not only did the party find treasure, but several magical items as well, one of which was a warhammer with a mallet in the shape of a dragon head. Could this be the relic? Torinn felt it could be. Having felt the quest completed, the group headed back to the lizardfolk village.

There, Mae welcomed them back and confirmed that the warhammer, the Hammer of Baatemos, was the relic that had been stolen. One more night in the village would be spent. But what of their new companion, Danielle? And what of the threat of the black dragon, Verlym? And would they ever find themselves at an ordinary inn (they’ve got stuff to sell, yo…)? Find out next time on…

Dungeons & Dragons!

Session 2
The Black Tower - Part 2

Our heroes, having dispatched the goblins, ventured ever downwards into the tower’s dungeon. At the bottom of a spiraling stair case they found a small room with a stone door to the east and a cave-like passage to the north. Kallista realized the door was trapped and that an attempt to open it would lead to a trap door opening and who knows what falling upon them. Skhiar attempted to disarm the trap with an eldritch blast but triggered it instead. A pile of boulders landed in front of the door, leaving the party no choice but to venture through the north passage.

Through the passage, the party found a limestone cavern with a small pool on its north east corner. Sitting on a natural shelf in the pool was a treasure chest. But, Hundred Eyes sensed that something was not right in this cavern. Something or someone was in there with them. As Kallista reached for the chest, the monk threw a shuriken at it causing the chest to open revealing a gaping maw and tongue! This creature, masquerading as treasure, attacked the party, but our well-worn heroes triumphed once again. Hundred Eyes still believed they weren’t safe. The rogue took a second look at the stalactites above and realized one was moving ever so slightly. The party went to attack mode and quickly dispatched the enemy from above.

The group then found a secret door in the south end of the cavern. Past the door was nothing but a few skeletons, most likely old inhabitants of the tower. Once inside however, the skeletons burst into un-life and set upon the party. Hundred eyes found his blows hard to hit with so much empty space within the skeletons, but the warlock’s blasts proved destructive to the walking dead.

Our heroes noticed two ways out of this room. The northern passage led to the room on the other side of the trapped door. Torinn also found that it led to a nearly room filling ooze! The party burst inside to begin their attack, but the cleric was swallowed up by the giant slime. (Seriously, what’s with the slime, Nicole?) As she was slowly digested, Babu, the now friendly cockatrice struck true! The ooze turned to stone… with Torinn in it! The group worked fast to chisel and blast their cleric out of the block of stone, but chisel and blast they did. With their friend safe, and loot to be appraised, the party decided to take a breather.

While taking a rest, they could hear the sound of shuffling feet from the other side of the southern door. A while later, the shuffling stopped to be replaced by the banging of flesh against stone door. This couldn’t be good. Now readied, our heroes prepared themselves for whatever horror lay on the other side. It was Mad Harran, who had now become some undead creature. Attacking Torinn, he sucked the life right out of the cleric, but he proved no match for the party’s attack. Felling the undead Harran, the party of course looted his corpse. They found a cloak of protection as well as a ring of water walking. They also attempted to loot the coffins of Julae and Kira Harran, much to Torinn’s dismay. They found nothing, much to the rest of the party’s dismay.

After staying the night within the depths of the tower, the party ventured forth, back to Arle’s Crossing. During their trek through the swamp, they came across a battle between a band of lizardfolk and a group of bullywugs, apparently fighting over the swamp itself.

What will the party do now? Run away? Side with one of the groups? Kill them all? Find out next time on…


Session 1
The Black Tower - Part 1

Our heroes have been summoned by their friend/colleague, Skhiar, the tiefling warlock, to the town of Arle’s Crossing, in search of a magical article of clothing said to be located in the nearby abandoned tower in Mistmere Swamp. After several hours of journey through the thick swamp, our party came upon the tower of Harran the Mad. They found that a makeshift elevator had been attached to the battlement of the tower.

Approaching the building, an arrow shot into Torinn, the dragonborn cleric of Baatemos. Finding a goblin on guard duty on the battlement, the group quickly went to work on the creature. As the group began to ascend the tower, they were ambushed by a swarm of stirges. The party’s monk, Hundred Eyes, alongside the tiefling rogue, Kallista, dispatched many of the creatures above, while Skhiar shot blasts from below and Torinn sat in the elevator.

With the stirges dispatched, our party made their way into the tower. Exploring the top few floors, they found a surprise when entering the privy. A green slime dropped from the floor and landed on poor Torinn! The next floor revealed a cockatrice that had been captured by goblins who were inhabiting the tower. Skhiar managed to communicate and calm the monster, promising to let it kill its captors. Justice was soon handed out to the goblins on the next floor. Here was also found a giant spider and a large constrictor snake that nearly killed Torinn, further adding to his bad day. Lastly on this floor, the party found a room full of refuse. Hiding within, was a large maggoty monster…a carrion crawler! The team was once again victorious.

The stairs leading to the basement revealed more goblins, and this time they had backup in the form of a worg. The party, weakened by their previous battles, had a bit more trouble with this group. Thankfully, goblins are no martial masters, and so were dealt with by the group. But not before the leader of this gang of goblins made an appearance. Another, relatively easy kill for our heroes, but surely they are becoming worn out.

How much further does the basement go? Where is the magic item Skhiar is looking for? Are they even in the right tower? We’ll find out next time on…


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